About Jamboshoshine

Jambo Shoeshine is my alter ego: initially imagined as a cheery avatar designed to sell jam to Americans (By 2020 I want jam on toast – or more specifically, Jambo Shoeshine jam on toast – to be the number one breakfast choice of Americans aged 8 – 37). But it’s become my generic online monicker. I used to write a blog about New Malden, which was very popular with people who lived in New Malden.

I now live in London – currently Stroud Green, but that’s bound to change at some point. I will write about London related things, for the most part.

I also write about music, books, computer games and steam train themed festivals for The Guardian and The Morning Star. If you have a Nintendo game that needs playing, a book about SF that needs reading, or an indiepop gig that needs going to, then I might be your man.

Finally, I run a sporadic but lovely club night called Come Out 2Nite with two of the best people ever.

What else? Oh yes, until the next social networking craze, where all you can do is pick your favourite colour, I’m on twitter – click here.


One Response to “About Jamboshoshine”

  1. Your blog is a delight – has me falling off my chair in hysterics (I don’t get out much – can you tell?) – please post more often. The tweets just don’t do it for me. Keep the laughs-out-loud coming, please.
    An American who shudders at the thought of jam for breakfast.

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