My Letter To Ed Davey

I wrote to my old mate Ed Davey, MP for Kingston & Surbiton and now Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs. I tried to keep it polite. There were various other things I wanted to mention, but I decided to keep it brief and to the point.

Dear Mr Davey,

Given the Liberal Democrats appear to be enjoying their supporting role in the ideological cuts that are reshaping Britain yet further away from a social democracy and towards a US style ‘trickle down’ economics basket case, I’m afraid I will not vote for you or your party in any future elections. I’ve voted for you since 2001 and find you to be an excellent local MP, but given your proud collusion on extreme policies not voted for by the country at large, propping up a government of spectacular cruelty and short-sightedness, I’m afraid I never can again. And yes, the massive U-turn on the funding of education and the kettling of children who protest about it was the final straw.

I would also like to apologise and admit that this is partly my fault. I never thought for a million years that the Liberal Democrats would be insane enough to get into bed with the Tories, and so at least by voting for you I would be keeping them out. This was naive of me – I didn’t realise you were one of the ‘Orange Book’ privatation-crazy Lib Dems, but now I do. And now it’s too late.

For all that, I wish you luck in your role of government minister, and apologise for those disappointed in you who are not able to express themselves politely to you as I have. It’s just a lot of us are very, very angry, you see; and those who are not angry are collapsing into apathy and despair.

Oh, and on a more local note, I would be interested to hear if there is any progress on the rezoning of Surbiton and Kingston stations, given that your website still lists this as one of your ‘achievements’. Given the coalition has decided to allow massive season ticket increases from now on, I’m sure this mooted rezoning would be a big help to those who live near those stations.

All the best,



~ by jamboshoeshine on November 27, 2010.

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