Rowans Bowling, Finsbury Park

We went bowling earlier this week, at Rowan’s bowling alley next to Finsbury Park station. Bowling is one of the highest art forms, up there with dry stone walling and whittling. It is an expression of the ancient belief that pins should be knocked over, and that robots are better than humans at setting them back up.

Rowan’s has a reputation – like most of Finsbury Park, really – of being a bit shady, and its slightly confusing £1 entry fee is probably an attempt to stop local teenagers from malevonently making the place look untidy. But I’ve never seen any trouble, and its shabby-chic is more charming than the shiny retro of places like the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes in Russell Square. It’s cheaper, too.

It also has an arcade, where you can lose at table football to people who had it one their common room at school, a bar, where you can buy beer, and a pool / snooker room, where you can hustle or be hustled. You can also buy foodstuffs such as nachos, which were described by one of my companions as “shit nachos”.

Live bands play on a Thursday night, which could be interesting.

~ by jamboshoeshine on October 22, 2010.

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