You look a right plank

I was walking down the stairwell to the canteen when two young chaps started following behind me. I did a double take and realised they were wearing exactly the same clothes – white trainers, skinny blue jeans and plaid shirts. Awkward, I thought.

As we walked down the stairs they started talking to each other, and I realised they were mates. I couldn’t resist.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but noticing you’re wearing exactly the same clothes…”

Bloke A (rather defensively): “No we’re not”

“Yes you are… look, same trainers, jeans and shirts…”

Stonewall silence. I was sensing hostility (unsurprisingly), so I told a brief and possibly made-up anecdote about when me and a friend turned up to the pub in the same t-shirt.

Bloke B: “Yeah, I hate it when that happens. You look like a right plank”.

Today’s soup is carrot and cumin.

~ by jamboshoeshine on October 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “You look a right plank”

  1. Glad you are posting more often. Your hilarious posts cheer me up every time!
    Thanks for starting my gloomy, drizzly day with a smile.

  2. Did they have matching hairstyles as well – short back and sides but sort of asymmetrically spiky at the top and front?

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