Finsbury Park’s 99p Store Is Now Open

I was 2 hours late to work this morning. My alarm didn’t go off (my phone alarm is fiendishly complicated and so designed to stymie stupid people like me) and so had that experience of waking up, thinking “hmmm, it’s either far too early, or far too late to get out of bed”, noticing it’s rather light outside, having that sinking feeling of dawning realisation, turning my phone on, then going ‘ArrrRGHHH’ and leaping out of bed.

Ah well. It’s actually a good job I slept in, because if I hadn’t I would have missed the grand opening of Finsbury Park’s new 99p Store. I didn’t even realise ’99p Stores’ were a chain, thinking they were a ragtag disparate collection of individual broken dreams. But there I was at the traffic lights, waiting to cross over to Blackstock Road, when I noticed a ribbon across the door (a 99p ribbon, of course), a man dressed in a tailed red velvet jacket who was clearly master of ceremonies, and a small but growing crowd of pensioners and the unemployed.

The traffic lights changed before I got a proper chance to soak in the atmosphere, but I noticed a lady accidentally dropping her clipboard into a puddle, and someone being readied (I think) to cut the ribbon.

I’d give 99p to find out who it was.


EDIT: thismanykittens and her superior googling skills found the answer. From their press release:

“A ‘VIP’ is being sought to open up a brand a new store in Finsbury Park next week.

A Very Important Pennysaver that is.

UK recession busters 99p Stores is offering one lucky local person the chance to perform a trolley dash to celebrate the opening of its newest branch, its 135th store across the UK.”

Oh man. That could have been me.

~ by jamboshoeshine on October 5, 2010.

5 Responses to “Finsbury Park’s 99p Store Is Now Open”

  1. It was a VIP: a Very Important Pennysaver. I.e. a poor person:

  2. did you know new malden now has a poundland? x

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