Aldwych has closed? News to Finsbury Park

I spotted this last week. The map is located at the foot of the stairwell to the Victoria & Piccadilly Line Southbound platforms at Finsbury Park.

Aldwych closed in 1994. Frankly I’m surprised it survived as long as it did, faintly ridiculous one-station branch line that it be. They film films and Prodigy videos down there, and a few weeks ago it was opened to the public for a ‘Blitz Experience’.

It looks like a stickler-for-accuracy vandal had a go at removing the offending station, but then gave up. I hope it remains. I love ghost stations.


~ by jamboshoeshine on October 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “Aldwych has closed? News to Finsbury Park”

  1. Mmm. Someone should write a song about ghost stations, it’ll be number one by Christmas. Still annoyed I missed the opening of the Aldwych branch. If memory serves there’s rather more stations alleging the continuing openness of the Epping-Ongar bit of the Central Line, which I’m not sure ever existed outside the fever dreams of Bob Crow.

    • Denny says that it’s just a sticker that’s fallen off, which is why the defunct extension has been exposed. He’s probably right.

      I was reading about the Ongar branch last night, because I’m one of those cool kids you hear about on the radio.

  2. I did read that… they only run occasional services though, right? I do want to go, anyway. Also to Epping Forest. That whole area is a total mystery to me.

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