Wedding Fanzine

I’m very excited to have received a wedding invitation that’s been done in the style of an old-school fanzine, all copy & paste, biroed-in alterations, and crap photocopying. My friend initially met his bride to be through the planet sound pages on teletext – he a shy curtain haired Gene fan, she a Gene fanzine writer. Many years later they started going out, and once, as her role as the head of the Gene fan club, she had a Gene after-show party at our club night, London Loves, during which there were lots of requests for Gene.

If you’ve never heard of fanzines, teletext or Gene, you’re too young to be reading this weblog.

Anyway, it’s made me excited about fanzines in general (I also did fanzines when I was younger, SF ones that did get published and music ones that were generally doomed. Also, is it some kind of rites of passage to do a shite satire of TV listings when you’re sixteen? Or is it just me, Ant and, ahem, Charlie Brooker?), so I’m thinking about doing one for the next Come Out 2Nite. This means i’ve got until the end of March to do it, so if I start writing it now I’ll have a chance of getting it done in time. Instead, I could do what I usually do which is leaving it until two days before the event, then panicking, then giving up. As Darren Hayman once sang, “Every felt like giving up? I’ve felt like giving up. I’ve felt like giving up all the time”. But he was talking about a man who’d been the fourth man on the moon, not a young, dimpled, thirtysomething wannabe fanzine producer, so I’ll give it my best shot and not be distracted by his indie pessimism.

~ by jamboshoeshine on February 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Wedding Fanzine”

  1. Can I help? I have a lot of collage materials. And some scratchy biros, and access to a shonky photocopier.

  2. I suspect it’s the other way round. If you’ve never heard of fanzines, teletext or Gene you’re probably too young to be reading this weblog.

    You left badly drawn strip cartoons out of the mix.

    • cha0tic: Whoops, yeah. Amended, thanks for pointing that out. Although you could also be too old to know about planet sound on teletext. My grandma is, for example. But she does know a lot about potatoes.

      Fox: Definitely. I brainstormed some ideas earlier in the shower, cos when I’m in the shower is the only time my brain functions. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to write about and email me at my email address.

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