New Tesco On Pentonville Road Leads To End Of Civilisation

Following on from my last entry…

On my way to work this morning, through the unexpected extra snow* that proves conclusively that global warming is a Marxist plot by those who wish to set up a world government and steal our freedom, I spotted a new Tesco being readied for opening on Pentonville Road.

I was genuinely shocked – surely there are enough Tescos already? One of my favourite bits of the Hitchhiker’s Guide books is the cautionary tale of the planet with slightly too many shoe shops, where it became economically impossible to justify building anything other than shoe shops – eventually the entire civilisation collapsed. I suspect we’re getting close to the Tesco Event Horizon.

There’s a massive new student accomodation complex on Pentonville Road, with big shiny posters by the entrance of models pretending to be aspirational students doing aspirational things like owning iphones and not drinking cider. I’m going to assume that’s the market this latest, potentially civilisation-ending Tesco is going for.

* I was really proud that I’d managed not to blog about the snow. Bollocks.

~ by jamboshoeshine on January 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “New Tesco On Pentonville Road Leads To End Of Civilisation”

  1. There are in fact four blocks of student accommodation on Pentonville Road – one for UCL students, two for SOAS students and then the big shiny new one. There’s enough of a market there methinks.

    • I love SOAS, a great institution. I hope said students dedicate their time and money to the lovely shops and markets of nearby Chapel Market and thoroughly eshew the smelly new Tesco.

      • The lovely shops and markets of Chapel Market? I wouldn’t exactly use the word “lovely” to describe the area.
        I live in one of the aformentioned SOAS halls and can assure you I don’t think there’s one of us who doesn’t go to the tescos/sainsburys/waitroses. We’re not all some sort of weird bunch of weird anti-capitalist nuts, if theres a supermarket with cheap goods and good quality, we’ll go there like anyone else – Tesco benefits the consumer.

  2. Eduardo – I assume you found the blog googling for Tesco opening times? Chapel Market has fruit, veg, meat and fish all at a much cheaper price than Tesco. More variety too. I’m not big on arguing with strangers on the internet, particularly ones who call me weird, but if you think Tesco ‘benefits the consumer’ then we’ll have to agree to disagree.

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