Shrag – Shrag

7) Shrag – Shrag

Bringing a bit of noise to my relatively acoustic list, Shrag sound like a pissed off mash of Kenickie, Elastica, Le Tigre, The B52s, The Long Blondes and Bis. Thus, they have the potential to be the best band of all time.

Loud, shouty and funny, judging by this set of songs Shrag are surrounded by shit lovers, trendy pricks and other assorted idiots, and they’ve had enough. The delightful Pregnancy Scene bewails all their friends having kids too young – “Couldn’t you have waited till we’d grown up? / not to us a lesson how to throw up?” – and the lovely Forty Five 45′ seems to be about hating bands simply because someone you think is a twat likes them. Which is glorious petulance of rock and roll absurdity – and utterly true to life.

Other highlights include the sexual technique advice pop of Talk to the Left and final closing track Hopelessly Waster, which is a lighters-out stadium classic and Christmas number 1 in my mind.

Shrag are best listened to in an open top cadillac on the way to a love shack populated by hipsters who suffer from premature ejaculation.

~ by jamboshoeshine on December 22, 2009.

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