Pub Watching

I’m not sure about wifi in pubs. I think pubs are sacred areas that should be free of the internet the way temples should be free of money lenders and National Trust car parks should be free of doggers.

However pubs are good for peoplewatching, and now I know this one has wifi I am tempted to come in here on regular occasions just to write about the characters I spot. This, I realise, is deeply sad.

There is: a couple sitting at the stools who have recently been to the pop boutique and keep touching each others bums; an intense baseball-becapped black man who alternatively has loud conversations on his mobile phone and stares impassively into the mid-distance; a geezer of blokes* on their way back from five-a-side football; and a gang of jabbering chatterboxes who have yet to understand that hanging around in a big group all the time isn’t the answer, no matter what the question is.

* I think this is the most accurate collective noun

~ by jamboshoeshine on December 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pub Watching”

  1. I love technology and anything to do with the internet but I have to say that even I don’t think pubs should have WiFi. We need somewhere to escape the need to connect electronically with people via pixels and keyboards. Plus I would always end up spilling my beer/ cider onto the computer keyboard and may inadvertently cause a major accident.

    • A banter of blokes? A stella of blokes?

      I do like the idae of wifi on trains though, as – if trapped away from the quiet carriage – I do spend most of my journeys just writing down what other people are saying, then bloggnig about it at a later date. This would just speed the whole process up.

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