Drawings: The New Photographs

We tidied up our room last night; a gargantuan task of throwing away old Guardians and finding things in plastic bags. Amongst the booty of records, comic books and old gig tickets I found something wonderful from the Halloween party I went to last month. The theme was a mental asylum, and as part of our therapy crayons and rolls of paper were scattered about the room. We were encouraged to draw our darkest fears.

Someone drew us:

Someone drew me, the mad hatter, and my mail order Viet Cong wife while we were sitting on the sofa in the living room.It was still fairly early on in the party, so we were still shy and a bit awkward, as I think comes across. Morgan’s peasant’s hat is resting on her lap, and we both have our legs crossed. “Wow”, I said, when the girl showed me what she had drawn. “We look like we’re having an amazing time”.

So thank you, girl dressed as a crazy 50s pregnant woman. It’s up on our wall.

~ by jamboshoeshine on November 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Drawings: The New Photographs”

  1. We were looking through the rest last night, they are wonderful. I’m so glad you got to take it home:)

  2. The artist was Vanessa, and she was Rosemary, of Rosemary’s Baby fame 😉

  3. Thank Vanessa from me next time you see her.

    The funniest thing about that party was coming down the following day and seeing various people sans make-up – they looked so odd in their ‘civvies’ 😉

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