Housmans Bookshop

On my lunchbreak I popped out for a hot date at Housmans on Caledonian Road. It’s an anarchist / socialist / radical bookshop, stuffed with political tomes, angry fanzines, and naughty comic books. It was a good place to be on 5th November. It’s great for local activism past & present, has lots of in-store readings and poetry nights, and features a book entitled “East Germany: Stasi hell or socialist paradise?” The inside pics of happy steelworkers going to the theatre, getting free healthcare and listening to the GDR equivalent of Patti Smith made it clear what the answer was.

Downstairs were discounted books and a kind of vault of failed revolutionary material, with banners and literature from past campaigns scattered to the corners.

I bought ‘smoke – a london peculiar’ (mainly as it has a piece on chapel market), Peace News, and two pulp novels: one about manga characters coming to life and taking revenge for Hiroshima, the other about 8 billion ultraviolent Vinny Jones clonesbeing bred in the bowels of the new Wembley stadium. Should be fun.

~ by jamboshoeshine on November 5, 2009.

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