M Manze, Chapel Market, Islington

Today, our canteen’s menu featured Lamb Madras as its ‘traditional’ option and cheeseburger & chips as its exotic, out-there ‘experience’ option.

On Tuesday I went for a proper traditional option: one of London’s last remaining pie & mash (and eel) shops. Most of them are scattered around East London, but there’s still one hanging on in Chapel Market.

My wife, being from the new world, is used to pies made of pelicans and pecans and other sweet things, but was brave and ordered double pie and mash. “Do you want liqour?” I’d forgotten what liqour was, but said yes. Morgan said no. Liqour, as I’m sure all you cockneys know, is a green parsley sauce. Not booze. Morgan switched to yes.

The pie was quite nice, but nothing special. The liqour was alright, if a bit bland. The mash wasn’t as ace as the stuff we make at home. But I didn’t go expecting amazing grub – I went for the experience.  The experience of being glared at by men trying to enjoy their lunch:

It’s a lovely little place. Long may it not turn into a Subway.

I would try the eel next time, but I am greatly afeared.

~ by jamboshoeshine on October 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “M Manze, Chapel Market, Islington”

  1. I went with people from work once, who thought there’d be a vegetarian option. Obviously not.

  2. Fair.

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