The only card for me is The Jack of Spades, The Jack of Spades

I love getting messages, as they validate my existence. I particularly love old-fashioned messages. Even emails count in that category these days; as communication becomes ever more instant, getting a long email from a friend is a quaint treat, like a ride on a steam train or contracting a dose of smallpox.

By the same token, to receive something through the post now amounts to a quasi-mythical thrill, as exciting as riding a magic carpet with Aladdin or being burnt at the stake for being a witch.

So imagine my glee when, instead of pizza menus (and don’t get me wrong: I find these exciting too), my mailbox received an envelope stuffed with these lovely tokens:

What could it possibly mean? And who is this mysterious SHG. I’m being coy – I have an inkling that these cards will serve as invites to a party. Generally I’m terrified of parties, but the person who I think is behind this invite is known to put on brilliant parties. I’ll put my fears to one side and drink myself to sociability.

But will I have to dress as a card? If so, I’m going as Lemmy from Motorhead.

~ by jamboshoeshine on October 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “The only card for me is The Jack of Spades, The Jack of Spades”

  1. Dear Mr Jambo “Jack Of Spades” Shoeshine – and his lovely missus,

    The party is The Asylum and those cards admit one each. Please do come, it will be an honour to have you both. You must come as anyone who would be found at an insane asylum – patient, doctor, nurse, etc. Come as your favourite insane person! Be Hannibal Lecter for the evening! And so on. Get drunk and have a wonderful time with us.

    Much love to you both,


  2. I thought it might be something like that! I’ll buy myself a strait jacket then. Or a straight jacket.

  3. Here’s the write-up from the official event on the ‘Book 😉

    The Annual Hallowe’en Party at The Crescent!

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, our dearest, stylishly insane friends, this year we are having yet another Hallowe’en Party – despite the madness of the next-door neighbour woman last year (which is quite in keeping with this year’s theme!)

    We’re giving EVERYONE a LOT of notice this year, so please put us in your therapy schedules!

    As with every year – COSTUMES AND INVITATIONS ARE MANDATORY. And this year, NO INVITE, NO ENTRY. Lovely invitations will be sent out closer to the time and we’ll need you to bring them with you. Sorry to crack down on security, but after the escapees, breakouts and thefts of previous years we need to be careful 😉

    All inmates, nurses, doctors, patients, mentalists, crazies, hysterics, infected, therapists, famous mental patients and so on must arrive clad in appropriate attire. Think Silent Hill, think House on Haunted Hill, think One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest! Let your imaginations run wild! (they will be rounded up and beaten in the showers later)

    ALSO! This year our gathering coincides with the incredible Park Crescent Fireworks Display!

    There will of course be THAT Lethal Punch ™ available to drown our sorrows and feed our demons, and please bring booze too 🙂 The Head of Alchemy (Pippa) will be in charge of cockatails too and every guest through the door receives a “shot” of their meds!

    Tunes spinned by the incomparable DJ Count Curious and possible others.

    Watch this space for further details as the weeks go by…

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