A Sunday jaunt around Islington

Hello, I’m Isambard Kingdom Brunel. You may know me from such bridges as Clifton Suspension, Royal Albert and Maidstone Railway. I appear to you today in coin form, thanks to the wonders of modern science and technology. Let me take you on a journey around Islington…

Spotted on Essex Road. This is the stall of a noble fruitier and seller of vegetables, but sadly his shutters have been sullied by the inarticulate scribblings and daubings of a common street urchin. In my day, of course, the perpetration such anti-social deeds would have resulted in the administering of a sound thrashing.

Opposite we find a simple whelk stall. Islington is populated by both-well to-do gentlemen and the scruffy but stout hearted members of the lower classes. Jellied eels are splendid enough to unite all stratas of this noble isle. They are the backbone of the empire. I for one ate little else when directing the construction of the Great Eastern.

Good heavens! A young lady, remniscent of my beloved Mary, is seen here enjoying a frozen treat in the agreeable surrounds of London Fields. From this location one could hear the roar of the crowd egging on the sporting exploits the Arsenal football team.

The positively bucolic Canonbury Square. No oiks or riff raff around here: indeed, some of London’s finest gentlemen are said to live in this area.

Also found on the Essex Road is “Get Stuffed”, a shop dedicated to the ancient art of taxidermy. Here we see a fowl of some sort – I do apologise for my ornithological vagueness, my expertise lies in other fields – ready to take flight. Ah, flight! Stuff of the dreams of madmen and visionaries.

Ah, a routemaster bus. These infernal machines are powered by the internal combustion engine – though, as a man of progress, I admire the engineering audacity of such an invention, I cannot help but look back to a simpler age when man’s mastery over nature was less brutal, and involved trains.

Here we see two of Peel’s law protecting gentlemen – bobbies, or Peelers, depending on your linguistical preference. Like the fine young lady a few photographs back, they are enjoying a frozen snack. “We do eat, you know”, the policeman on the right was heard to say. Indeed, sir. Indeed.


~ by jamboshoeshine on October 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Sunday jaunt around Islington”

  1. Awesome, blog more. I am now smiling on a wet Monday morning.

  2. Thank you, sir. Though of course, now I live in daily fear of accidentally spending my Brunel coin.

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